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The Internet has got a great advantage for online scammers. With relatively low costs you can reach millions of potential victims. Necessary e-mail addresses are now available from dozens of companies, and in the dark areas of the Internet these can be free of charge. The know how to maliciously prepare websites and download male ware is widely used and distributed in obscure forums. Unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done about that, but marcus evans’s scam team is here to help.
marcus evans scam team have put together a few, simple save keeping rules:
• Be extremely careful with your account and credit card information. Give these only to trusted vendors. As soon as you suspect an online scam, cancel data entry and close the website.
• Become suspicious when entering personal data is required for a supposedly free quote.
• Be careful with spam emails that offer links to your bank or a credit card company. Reputable institutions do not send such messages.
• Do not open attachments in emails from senders you do not know.
• Use an anti-virus program for Windows and your browsers.

marcus evans scam team researched 5 scams you should know about:

  1. The classic: phishing emails

Circulating PayPal emails asking customers to confirm their account information, or perform a new registration. These mails are fake and help scammers to access account information. Banks, credit card companies and PayPal would never attempt to ask about sensitive information an email. Phishing emails are now sorted by most spam filters, but always make sure to visit bank's website by manually entering the address in the browser or through bookmarks.

  1.  Email from an attorney

To place viruses on other computers, fraudsters are using emails in which they mention outstanding three-figure sums, pretending to be a lawyer’s office or collection agency. But regardless of who sent the message, it is always the same old basic rule - do not open attachments in emails, where the sender is unknown.   

  1. Web shop does not provide goods

Classic fraud cases are web shops, which require payment in advance and then don’t deliver the goods. Since such behavior attracts criminal charges, these sites generally vanishing quickly. But before that a lot of cash can be made with the responsible owners untraceable.

  1. ESTA applications

For several years now the U.S. requires an electronic visa application under the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), with an official online form -, plus a processing fee of $14. Some sites take advantage of the ignorance of many U.S. travellers and offer doing the application for them. However, this is associated with much higher costs reaching between 70 to 80 dollars.  

  1.  The intelligence test

Intelligence or IQ tests on the internet are almost as popular as googling yourself and a range of apparently free tests have been developed. Some of these prompt the user to not only answer test questions but also fill in their name and address in an electronic sheet to receive a detailed evaluation. By clicking the button the user agrees to the terms & conditions and automatically is charged a subscription fee. Again, when giving out personal information caution is advised.
Top 10 Online Scams

The Subject Matters Host Joe Condon interviews Bob Stezzi, Consultant and former Branch Manager for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about avoiding the Top 10 Online Scams and rip-offs.

marcus evans north american conference reviews and feedback

marcus evans german conference reviews 4.6 out of 5 based on 1302 user reviews.

7th Contract and Risk Management for Construction and Capital Projects
"Very informative presentations. The speaker panels were well selected and really honed in on the key issues facing both contractors and owners for large capital projects. It was great getting to hear about both perspectives and ideas on how to negotiate effectively to reach a compromise that avoids litigation."
5* by Pacific Ethanol, Inc. on 14 January 2019
Director, Contracts Management

7th Contract and Risk Management for Construction and Capital Projects
"It was a great event with a good mix of owner/contractor and legal, risk management, business, and project execution professionals. "
5* by NTE Energy on 11 January 2019
Senior Director, Engineering and Construction

7th Contract and Risk Management for Construction and Capital Projects
"Good conference. Great opportunity to learn about solutions, and engage and network with others in the industry with similar interests and problems. "
5* by Enbridge on 10 January 2019
Manager - Construction Sourcing and Administration

Real World Evidence & Data Insights Excellence
"The intimate nature of the event allowed us to get very practical with our group dialogue. I learned a lot from my peers and walked away with many tools to be even more effective in my day job."
5* by Daiichi Sankyo on 20 December 2018
Associate Director, Health Outcomes Liaison

Best Practices in Diversity & Inclusion
"I came away from the event with some very useful strategies and information."
4* by New York Times on 19 December 2018
Vice President

Best Practices in Diversity & Inclusion
"Great conference. Very informative and full of best practice information and networking opportunities."
5* by FHI360 on 13 December 2018
HR Partner

Best Practices in Diversity & Inclusion
"This was an incredible experience! Great content, even better speakers and amazing connections made within the group. I will be looking forward to the next one!"
5* by T-Mobile, USA on 10 December 2018
Program Manager, D&I

8th Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability
"Great Net Working. Thanks"
5* by City of Centralia on 19 November 2018
Generation Manager

8th Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability
"Would recommend to peers, presentations were informative, useful and relevant to ongoing work in the industry."
4* by Denver Water on 16 November 2018
Senior Electrical Engineer

8th Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability
"My favorite conference. Great networking and meeting people who exchange information and issues. Best platform to get to know and understand owner's and operator's issues."
5* by Underwater Acoustics International on 16 November 2018
Chief Scientist

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The Subject Matters Host Joe Condon interviews Bob Stezzi, Consultant and former Branch Manager for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about avoiding the Top 10 Online Scams and rip-offs.

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