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North American Banking, Finance and Insurance conferences
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Global Banking, Finance and Insurance conferences
  • 2nd Edition RPA and AI in Financial Institutions
    Practical case studies on how financial institutions have built the capability to scale up their RPA projects on the journey to AI, machine learning and chat bots.

    London Marriott Hotel Canary Wharf
    27-29 Mar 2019
  • 8th Edition Innovation and New Technology in Cash Management
    Leverage developments in real time payments and product development methodology to provide a superior customer experience in a disrupted environment

    Marina Mandarin
    27-29 Mar 2019
  • Insurance and Pension Asset Allocation - 3rd edition
    Increasing returns on insurance investments in a low-yield environment

    8-10 Apr 2019
  • 6th Edition Leveraged Lending in Shifting Regulatory and Economic Environment
    Examining the latest trends in leveraged lending to maintain competitiveness and compliance

    Courtyard by Marriott Central Park, Manhattan, New York
    10-12 Apr 2019
  • Digital Transformation in Claims Management
    Utilize digital capabilities to streamline claims lifecycles, decrease fraud response times and provide holistic multi-channel claims management to an ever-changing client base

    10-12 Apr 2019
  • Data Privacy & Protection
    “Data is the New Oil”: Protecting your greatest asset to future-proof and unlock great business opportunity

    22-23 Apr 2019
  • 8th Edition Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting
    See continued efforts placed to achieve sustainable and full compliance of BCBS 239 with focus on data lineage, taxonomy, and consistency

    De Vere Holborn Bars, London
    24-26 Apr 2019
  • Model Risk Management in Banking
    Advance towards an industry standard for model risk management which includes a model governance framework, model inventory and means to quantify model risk

    24-26 Apr 2019
  • 5th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management, Canada
    Product innovation, pricing and digital banking strategies to win core deposits in the competitive, rising rate environment

    Toronto, ON
    24-26 Apr 2019
  • Machine Learning in Quant Finance
    Determine strategic applications for machine learning to minimize modelling uncertainties, optimize data management and increase profit

    New York
    29 Apr-1 May 2019
  • Initial Margin, MVA and SIMM
    Prepare your derivatives trading business and practical implications of the uncleared margin rules

    8-10 May 2019
  • 9th Edition: Third Party Risk Management & Oversight for Financial Services
    Shoring Up Third and Fourth Party Strategy through Strengthened Due Diligence, Controls, and Monitoring

    14-15 May 2019
  • 2nd Edition Automation in AML Compliance and Modeling
    Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in AML programs to improve accuracy and create efficiencies

    Chicago, IL
    13-15 May 2019
  • 14th Annual Liquidity Risk Management
    Rationalizing and Sustaining Liquidity Risk Management Procedures to Comply with Regulatory Standards and Build Long-Term Capabilities

    New York
    15-16 May 2019
  • 22nd Annual Financial Sector Compensation and Benefits
    Ensure the effective balance of stringent regulatory requirements stemming from CRDV and sales compensation while improving transparency and fairness for pay structure across the organisation

    20-21 May 2019
  • Impact of the Transition to Risk Free Rates on Hedge Accounting
    Account for the changing fair value measurement and hedged relationships of instruments under the new RFRs

    20-22 May 2019
  • 3rd Annual Impact of CCP Risk and Initial Margin on Counterparty Risk Management
    Strategic risk management to minimise the implications of CCP default and bilateral initial margin rules of CCR

    London Marriott Canary Wharf
    22-24 May 2019
  • 3rd Edition Impact of SFTR on Securities Lending and Reporting
    Best practices for implementing the SFTR particularly the reporting and transparency obligations as outlined by ESMA

    22-24 May 2019
  • 6th Edition Credit Risk Modeling and Management
    Optimize your CECL methodologies, implementation and reporting efforts for an effective submission

    12-14 Jun 2019
  • 4th Edition Pilot Testing and Dry Runs for the Implementation of IFRS 17
    Get ready to start conducting pilot tests and dry runs as well as learn from how other insurance companies are doing them

    12-14 Jun 2019
  • 2nd Edition Initial Margin Optimization and Collateral Management
    Effective initial margin implementation through efficient derivative pricing within collateral management, to reduce costs and gain competitiveness in the current market

    New York, NY, USA
    17-19 Jun 2019
  • Digital Automation via AI and RPA in Financial Institutions
    Strategies to optimize operational efficiency in financial institutions through robotics and intelligent automation

    Atlanta, GA
    19-21 Jun 2019
  • Customer Centricity in Claims Management
    Practical case studies of how insurers are prioritising customer centricity in claims through streamlining of the claims lifecycle, leveraging data and use of RPA and AI technologies.

    Date to be confirmed
  • 5th Edition Managing Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book
    Advance your IRRBB metrics beyond the final EBA IRRBB guideline implementation through better governance structure and improved behavioural modelling techniques

    24-26 Jun 2019
  • 14th Edition Model Risk
    Going beyond SR11-7, optimizing KRIs and maintaining conceptual soundness in changing market and regulatory environments

    New York
    24-26 Jun 2019
  • 7th Annual Advanced Credit Risk Modelling Under IFRS 9
    Confront self assessment of credit risk modeling under IFRS 9 through validation, audit, and data insights

    26-28 Jun 2019
  • 2nd Edition LIBOR to SOFR Transition
    Gain insight and devise strategies for the incoming phase in of SOFR reference rate for a smoother and more efficient transition

    New York
    26-28 Jun 2019
  • 2nd Edition Asset Allocation, ALM and Investment Strategies for Insurers
    Capitalize on rising interest rates whilst developing stronger ALM, investment strategies and risk management techniques to achieve capital efficient and high returns

    25-26 Jul 2019
  • 9th Annual Funds Transfer Pricing and Balance Sheet Management
    Embed funding costs at the right granularity in FTP models to accurately reflect the impact of regulation and macroeconomic changes as the industry prepares for a risk free rate

    16-18 Sep 2019
  • 9th Edition Derivative Funding and Valuations: IBOR Transition, Initial Margin and Capital
    Advance valuation adjustment methodology whilst considering impact from changing capital and margin rules and the move towards a risk free rate

    16-18 Sep 2019
  • 3rd Edition Fundamental Review of the Trading Book
    Understand the requirements under the finale FTRB rule, to avoid unnecessary capital charges within market risk and maintain profitability of products

    New York, NY
    16-18 Sep 2019
  • 9th Edition Insurance Asset Management
    Build an insurance portfolio that accommodates market changes as the industry moves towards the end of a credit cycle and prepares for geopolitical risk

    19-20 Sep 2019
  • 23rd Annual Bank Capital Management
    Steer capital management in reaction to assumptions made on the impact of ‘Basel IV’ and macroeconomic changes

    18-20 Sep 2019
  • 3rd Derivative Funding and Valuation
    Discover industry practices for derivative valuation and compare the best practices for XVA methodologies with other banks

    18-20 Sep 2019
  • 6th Edition Impact of the Fundamental Review in the Trading Book
    Establish approaches for FRTB implementation across the globe with focus on the P&L attribution test, default risk charge and non-modellable risk factors

    23-25 Sep 2019
  • Regulatory Reporting: Data, Automation, and Operational Efficiency
    Automate and improve data quality for accurate, timely, and efficient regulatory reporting in a dynamic and complex regulatory environment

    25-27 Sep 2019
  • 12th Annual Internal Auditors
    Internal Audit 3.0: Embracing the Next Generation of Audit in line with Innovation, Disruption and Emerging Risks in today’s Digital Age

    7-9 Oct 2019
  • Automating Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention in Retail Banking
    Combat financial crime arising from AML, credit, payment and card fraud with automation and AI

    28-29 Oct 2019
  • Cashless Middle East
    Crafting a Seamless Cashless Society by Adapting to Payment Innovations within the GCC’s Growing Digital Space

    Nov 2019