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French Banking, Finance and Insurance conferences
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Global Banking, Finance and Insurance conferences
  • 3rd Edition Practical Implementation of Operational Changes for IFRS 17
    Project manage your IFRS 17 implementation and effectively present and disclose your new financial statements to stakeholders

    Hilton Hotel
    24-26 Oct 2018
  • Employee Engagement, Performance and Talent Management in the Financial Sector
    Optimise talent and generate new leaders at a time marked by uncertainty across the sector

    12-13 Nov 2018
  • End-to-End Automatisierung und Digitalisierung in Banken und Versicherungen
    Front- to Backoffice - End-to-End Prozessoptimierung entlang der gesamten Customer Journey mit Hilfe innovativer Digitalisierungstechnologien und Prozesstools wie Robotic Process Automation, KI und Blockchain

    Radisson blu Schwarzer Bock, Wiesbaden
    13-14 Nov 2018
  • Machine Learning in Quant Finance
    Practical examples of how quants are driving machine learning forward by finding uses through data selection, and applying machine learning techniques such as regression and reinforcement learning

    Marriott West India Quay, Canary Wharf, London
    12-14 Nov 2018
  • 8th Edition: Third Party Risk Management & Oversight for Financial Services
    Galvanizing a Concrete Road Map to TPRM Maturity While Managing the Proper Inventory of Third Parties, Planning, Resourcing, Due Diligence and Emerging Risks

    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Metropolitan | New York, NY
    13-14 Nov 2018
  • 2nd Edition SFTR Implementation
    Develop a working plan for SFTR to implement the regulation and prepare for reporting

    Marriott West India Quay, London
    19-21 Nov 2018
  • 4th Edition of Managing Interest Rate Risk Arising from Non-Trading Book Activities
    Address the final EBA IRRBB guidelines while mitigating the impact of the rising rates and the effects of these on behavioural models

    Marriott West India Quay, London
    19-21 Nov 2018
  • 3rd Annual MENA VAT
    Addressing the challenges faced from the aftermath of VAT implementation within the region in ensuring optimum business operations

    26-27 Nov 2018
  • 6th Edition Impact of the Fundamental Review in the Trading Book
    Address the difference between the standardised and internal model approach under the FRTB, along with questions surrounding NMRFs, and the impact on front office trading and capital

    26-28 Nov 2018
  • 8th Annual Operational Risk Management
    Develop risk management strategies to improve resilience in cyber risk, conduct, and third party risk, and optimise your operational risk management strategy

    Marriott West India Quay, London
    26-28 Nov 2018
  • Regulatory Reporting: Data, Automation, and Operational Efficiency
    Automate and improve data quality for accurate, timely, and efficient regulatory reporting in a dynamic and complex regulatory environment

    27-29 Nov 2018
  • Automation and Standardisation of Derivatives Trade Data and Reporting
    Practical examples of how standardisation and interoperability are revolutionising trade data storage and reporting

    28-30 Nov 2018
  • Digital Transformation in Transaction Banking
    Best practices for customizing client experiences, lowering digitalization costs and utilizing emerging technologies

    New York
    28-30 Nov 2018
  • Examining the Impact of SOFR on Rate Strategy
    Clarifying timelines, understanding your IBOR exposures and developing fallback language to simplify the transition to SOFR

    New York
    3-5 Dec 2018
  • Model Risk and Validation in Credit Models
    Establish robust governance and validation processes to minimize the risks posed by IFRS 9, decisioning, and other credit models

    Kuala Lumpur
    5-6 Dec 2018
  • 2nd Edition RPA and AI in Financial Institutions
    Create a mature strategy to develop the business case and scale up the roadmap for RPA and AI within financial institutions

    5-7 Dec 2018
  • 2nd Annual Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book
    Position your banking book to optimize strategy in the current interest rate environment to minimize IRR

    New York, NY
    5-7 Dec 2018
  • 5th Annual Liquidity and Funding Risk Management
    Strengthen your liquidity management strategies to ensure continued LCR compliance, leverage AI to accelerate reporting and prepare for a changing rate market’s effect on liquidity composition.

    New York
    5-7 Dec 2018
  • 5th Annual Treasury Innovation Forum
    Strengthen your treasury strategies to ensure continued compliance, integrate emerging technologies into business as usual and enhance interest rate risk management.

    New York
    5-7 Dec 2018
  • Best Practices in Capital Management and CCAR
    Examining methods to leverage capital allocation, relief and policy to drive profitability whilst reacting to a changing regulatory landscape

    New York
    23-25 Jan 2019
  • 13th Edition Model Risk
    Strengthening model risk practices by utilizing next generation strategies to create a stronger model governance framework whilst ensuring maximum regulatory compliance

    San Francisco, CA
    28-30 Jan 2019
  • Practical Implementation of RPA, AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services
    Integrate RPA and machine learning to create innovative solutions for the business and leverage new technology around NLP, OCR and chatbots

    28-30 Jan 2019
  • 7th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management
    Innovative strategies to grow your retail deposit portfolio in the competitive, rising rate environment

    Dallas, TX
    4-6 Feb 2019
  • 3rd Edition Digital Transformation in Wealth Management
    Reach new market segments; construct responsive ecosystems with inbuilt feedback channels and continue innovating offerings

    New York, NY
    4-6 Feb 2019
  • 5th Annual Data Quality and Consistency in Financial Institutions
    Leverage business focused approaches when embedding data governance processes and tools to achieve a quantifiable difference to data quality

    13-15 Feb 2019
  • 3. Jahrestagung Integrierte Daten- und Reportingarchitekturen in Banken
    Verbesserte Governance der Risiko-, Finance- und regulatorischen Daten in einem integrierten, zentralen Steuerungsframework unter Einsatz fachlicher Metadaten im Rahmen eines integrierten Datenhaushalts.

    Novotel am Tiergarten, Berlin
    18-19 Feb 2019
  • Finance Digitalisation Forum 2019
    Recognising excellence in data, technology and digitalization in finance leaders and practitioners regionwide

    venue to be confirmed
    18-19 Feb 2019
  • Customer Centricity in Claims Management for Personal Lines
    Practical case studies of how insurers are prioritising customer centricity in claims through streamlining of the claims lifecycle, leveraging data and use of RPA and AI technologies.

    18-20 Feb 2019
  • 1st Edition Automating Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention in Retail Banking
    Combat financial crime arising from AML, credit, payment and card fraud with automation and AI

    20-22 Feb 2019
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Quantitative Analytics
    Leverage deep neural networks and reinforcement learning for faster and more accurate trading and risk models

    25-26 Feb 2019
  • Best Practices in Talent Acquisition in Financial Institutions
    Facilitate digital transformation at various stages of the recruitment process to acquire the best talent and minimize operational costs

    New York, NY
    25-27 Feb 2019
  • Derivative Sales and Trading Transformation
    Systematising derivatives trading and sales with automation, data visualisation tools, AI, and new machines like chatbots

    11-12 Mar 2019
  • 2nd Annual Managing Long Term Contracts under IFRS 17
    Develop appropriate controls, systems and models in line with IFRS 17 to minimise the impact of the new accounting regulation on long term contracts.

    11-13 Mar 2019
  • Benchmark Rates Reform: Valuations, Discounting and Forward Risk
    Prepare for the impact of the shift from Libor and Eonia on derivatives valuations and legacy inventory

    13-15 Mar 2019
  • 18th Annual Liquidity Management
    Optimise liquidity metrics such as LCR, NSFR and intraday liquidity to balance regulations alongside commercial demands at group and entity level

    13-15 Mar 2019
  • Best Practices in Claims Management
    Utilize digital capabilities to streamline claims lifecycles, decrease fraud response times and provide holistic multi-channel claims management to an ever-changing client base

    10-12 Apr 2019
  • 5th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management, Canada
    Product innovation, pricing and digital banking strategies to win core deposits in the competitive, rising rate environment

    Toronto, ON
    24-26 Apr 2019
  • Digital Automation via AI and RPA in Financial Institutions
    Strategies to optimize operational efficiency in financial institutions through robotics and intelligent automation

    19-21 Jun 2019