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Indian Banking, Finance and Insurance conferences
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Global Banking, Finance and Insurance conferences
  • 2nd Annual Aligning Data Quality with Business Objectives in Financial Institutions
    Linking data quality, consistency, and governance programs to bottom line outcomes

    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
    22-24 Jan 2018
  • 2nd Edition: Strategic Venturing & Partnerships Between FinTech & Financial Institutions
    Galvanizing Organizational Growth and Innovation by Harnessing Disruptive Technology and Business Partners

    New York, NY | Downtown Conference Center
    24-25 Jan 2018
  • 5th Edition ALM, Treasury, and FTP
    Seamlessly integrate new regulations including IRRBB and optimise the treasury space for better return on investments

    23-25 Jan 2018
  • 11th Edition Model Risk
    Enhancing model risk management for non-financial models, DFAST models and optimizing the role of internal audit

    Hotel Nikko | San Francisco, CA
    24-26 Jan 2018
  • 4th Annual Proactive Operational Risk Management
    Optimizing operational risk management to better tackle emerging risks

    New York, NY
    Date to be confirmed
  • Digital Transformation in Wealth Management
    Innovating, adapting and integrating digital trends in wealth management to ensure a competitive advantage

    Millennium Broadway Hotel | New York, NY
    7-9 Feb 2018
  • 7th Edition Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Financial Institutions
    Maximize your governance, cyber risk and regulatory compliance to ensure a robust third party risk management framework

    Millennium Broadway Hotel | New York, NY
    12-14 Feb 2018
  • 2nd Edition Lending Products and Processes in Retail Banking
    Innovate lending product design and processes under the traditional boundaries of a retail bank to maintain profitability and better the end-to-end customer journey in this competitive market

    Marriott West India Quay, London
    19-20 Feb 2018
  • 2nd Annual Kingdom CFO: The Future of Finance
    Transitioning your organisation into a platform of digitalisation and governance with regards to the Kingdom’s Vision of diversifying from the oil industry

    19-20 Feb 2018
  • Employee Engagement, Performance and Talent Management in the Financial Sector
    Optimise talent and generate new leaders at a time marked by uncertainty across the sector

    19-21 Feb 2018
  • Optimise the Implementation of the SFTR
    Gain practical insights to best prepare systems and update reporting for the new regulatory requirement

    Hilton Canary Wharf, London
    22-23 Feb 2018
  • Internal Auditors 2018: Achieving Audit Excellence
    Transform as key players towards shielding your organisation’s reputation by blazing the new trails for auditors to achieve greater heights

    5-6 Mar 2018
  • 6th Edition Nordic Asset Allocation: Investing in Alternative Asset Classes
    Achieve a diversified portfolio by investing in alternative assets in line with risk appetite

    Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm
    7-9 Mar 2018
  • Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
    Drive your institution’s technological strategy forward, covering the impact on internal processes, customer-facing systems, and overall commercial strategy

    Marriott Marble Arch, London
    14-16 Mar 2018
  • 17th Annual Liquidity Management
    Advance liquidity management strategies to achieve stability whilst the NSFR, LCR and intraday liquidity develop in a changing market and regulatory environment

    Marriot West India Quay, London
    14-16 Mar 2018
  • CFO: A Strategic Partner at The Forefront
    Raising the bar as a chief frontier officers by revolutionising and navigating your finance function for sustainable business growth

    19-20 Mar 2018
  • 4th Annual Data Quality and Consistency in Banking
    Lay out the necessary foundations for data quality to enable business projects to succeed

    Marriott Marble Arch, London
    19-21 Mar 2018
  • Kingdom Internal Auditors
    Supercharging corporate leaders to strengthen the internal auditing value in a dynamic business environment

    Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya
    9-10 Apr 2018
  • 7th Edition Leveraging New Technology and Innovation in Cash Management
    Understand the new cash management innovations and offer more competitive cash management products to your core customers

    9-11 Apr 2018
  • ICAAP Stress Testing and Capital Planning
    Enhance ICAAP stress testing and scenario analysis to feed into effective capital planning

    Marriott West India Quay, London
    16-17 Apr 2018
  • 3. Jahrestagung Risikoorienterte Gesamtbankensteuerung
    SREP, ICAAP und ILAAP, Internal Governance, Strategisches Risikomanagement, Risikosteuerungsaktivitäten im Rahmen der Gesamtbanksteuerung, Risikomodellierung, Risikoorientiertes Liquiditätsmanagement

    Radisson BLU Schwarzer Bock Wiesbaden
    17-18 Apr 2018
  • Operational and Technical Implementation of IFRS 16
    Practical strategies to manage the implementation of IFRS 16, including interpreting technical accounting standards and carrying out operational reform

    23-24 Apr 2018
  • 5th Annual Optimise Retail Deposits and Savings
    Navigating the current interest rate environment to attract customers and remain ahead of competitors as we move towards open banking

    Conrad St James, London
    23-25 Apr 2018
  • Optimise user experience and digital design to increase customer centricity for financial institutions
    Creating a human-centric design process within the digital banking environment

    26-27 Apr 2018
  • 7th Edition Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting
    Gain Insight into self-assessment for BCBS239 in addition to clarity on taxonomy, data lineage and consistency

    25-27 Apr 2018
  • 2nd Annual Leveraged Lending, Finance & Underwriting for Financial Institutions
    Optimizing on Business Recapitalization, Middle Market Lending, Collateralized Loans and Leveraged Finance Guidelines

    New York, NY
    2-3 May 2018
  • 13th Annual Liquidity Risk Management
    Advancing Liquidity Framework Procedures through New Tools, Cohesion between the Three Lines of Defense, Stress Testing, and Governance Controls

    New York, NY
    2-3 May 2018
  • 21st Annual Financial Sector Compensation and Benefits
    Adapt your compensation and benefit strategies to ensure fair pay, maintain competitiveness and translate regulation into policy

    23-24 May 2018
  • Optimise the Implementation of the SFTR
    Gain practical insights to best prepare systems and update reporting for the new regulatory requirement

    24-25 May 2018
  • Strategic Risk Management for Transformation in Insurance
    Practical examples of how insurers manage and monitor exposure to risk emerging from change in technology, regulation, and the business

    24-25 May 2018
  • 8th Annual Operational Risk Management in the Digital Age
    Effectively incorporating the latest cyber risk management and SMA changes to optimise your operational risk management strategy

    23-25 May 2018
  • 3rd Edition Managing Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book
    Actively manage interest rate risk, improve frameworks and advance behavioural models under the EBA’s final IRRBB guidelines to steer banks into the optimal position

    28-29 Jun 2018