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FinTech, RegTech and AltTech - Effectuating a New Financial System

How to solve the greatest challenge facing the financial services industry

15-16 Feb 2017
NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL, United States of America

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Conference Speakers

Dara Albright
Speaker, consultant & influencer on FinTech, digital, peer and crowdfinance
Dara Albright Media, recognized authority, thought provoker and frequent speaker on topics relating to fintech, digital-, peer- and crowd- finance. Albright has held a distinguished 25 year career in IPO execution, investment banking, corporate communications, financial marketing as well as institutional and retail sales. She is a visionary who continues to introduce modern technologies, tools and investment products to the financial community. In 2013, she co-founded LendIt, the largest and most recognized global (p2p) peer-to-peer & online lending conference organization. In 2015, she co-founded FinFair, the first conference platform to feature the leadership, products and technologies driving the crowd-centric retail alternatives market. In 2016, she founded, a groundbreaking online financial channel for the masses that highlights how technology is being employed to make personal finance and retirement planning interesting, entertaining, simple and interactive.

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