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7th Process Driven Innovation

Creating New Intersections & Creative Niches to Drive Growth & Innovation Across the Enterprise

13-15 Sep 2016
The Rittenhouse Hotel - Philadelphia, PA, United States of America

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Conference Speakers

Michael ODonovan
President & COO
The WJP Restaurant Group

Ben Brenton
Chief Innovation Officer
Snap-On Tools

Dane Howard
Chief Experience Officer

Sisir Padhy
Vice President of Process Excellence & Innovation

Vince Voron
Vice President & Executive Creative Director
Dolby Laboratories

Brendan McSheehy
Co-Lead & Vice President of Innovation, Sustainability, and IP
Breathe-3DP, LLC & Universal Fiber Systems, LLC

Debbie Schwartz
AVP Innovation

David Brush
Senior Director, Transactions
Johnson & Johnson Boston Innovation Center

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