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Electricity Price Formation and Forecasting

Develop New Business Practices to Ensure Long-Term Viability in a Rapidly Changing Market

23-24 Jul 2019
NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL, United States of America

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Conference Speakers

Nicholas Pratley
with 30 years of experience in power systems engineering and analysis, including 13 years simulating wholesale power markets in the U.S. Canada and Europe. He has been analyzing short-term and long-term behavior of wholesale electricity markets includes nodal LMP in the United States, and zonal in Canada and Scandinavia. Transmission owners, municipal utilities, electric co-ops, generation developers and power traders are among his clients. He currently supports the development and financing of wholesale wind, solar and other renewable energy generation facilities at EDF Renewable Energy. Previously, Nicholas has worked as an electrical power engineering consultant, specializing in power system analysis and design for EHV transmission, HVDC transmission, and MV and LV distribution design for heavy industry. He has evaluated economic opportunities for transmission and generation development. He has also supported independent utilities in decisions to join organized electricity markets.

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Electricity Price Formation and Forecasting July 23-24, 2019 | Chicago, IL Presented by marcus evans