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Contract Preparation for Non-Lawyers

Resolving Disputes and Negotiating Contracts

4-5 Jun 2019
NBC Tower | Chicago, IL, United States of America

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Conference Speakers

Ronald L. Smith
Ronald Smith Contracts, Inc., is a procurement and contracting consultant specializing in negotiations and contract resolution. Hes a veteran of hundreds of successful negotiations as both buyer and seller. In his role as a purchaser, Ron negotiated contracts for aircraft parts & systems, engineering services, IT products & services, and construction. As a seller he negotiated major defense contracts for satellites & military aircraft, multi-million dollar contracts for IT services & products, and individual contracts for sale or products and services to companies, municipalities, and state governments. More than a hundred of these transactions were face-to-face negotiations, while hundreds more were directed through his leadership of negotiating teams at Northrop Grumman, Hewlett Packard, PC Connection, and Airbus. His training experience is a combined 30 years as a trainer, instructor and author.

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