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4th Annual Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design

Advancing Human Factors Strategies and Usability Testing to Enhance User Experience and Safety

1-2 Aug 2018
Hilton Minneapolis | Minneapolis, MN, United States of America

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Conference Speakers

Gerard Torenvliet
Senior Manager, Human Factors & User Experience
Medtronic CRHF

Janet Lowe
Senior Manager Device Development, Medical Affairs
ICU Medical Inc.

Janet Creaser
Senior Human Factors Engineer, Systems Development Group
Medtronic Restorative Therapies Group

Ryan Clukey
Sr. Manager - Human Factors, Usability Engineering & System Validation

Tina Rees
Associate Director - Human Factors
Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Darin Oppenheimer
Director, Regulatory Affairs

Christina Scavuzzo
Researcher | User Experience Design

John Kruse
Senior Human Factors Specialist

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Amanda Pink

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Chicago, IL 60611

312-540-3000 Ext: 6310
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Conference Quote

4th Annual Human Factors & Usability Engineering Excellence for Medical Device Design – Join Heads of Product Development, August 2018 in Minneapolis, MN