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Strategic Partnerships for External Innovation in Drug & Device

Advance Winning Strategies for External Partnerships to Fortify Innovation, Optimize R&D, & Secure Competitive Advantage

18-19 Apr 2018
Boston, MA, United States of America

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Conference Speakers

Nicholas Pachuda
World Wide Vice President Orthopedic Innovation
Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

Girish Aakalu
Vice President & Head of Global Scientific Affairs & Scientific Intelligence

Stan Russell
Head of Quality Management Systems & Programs

Gary Krishnan
Senior Research Fellow & Global Lead External Technology & Innovation
Eli Lilly & Company

Dan Wolf
Senior Director, Corporate Development

Jason Powell
Senior Director Alliance Project Leader
AbbVie Inc.

Ronald Dorenbos
Associate Director, Materials & Innovation
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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Strategic Partnerships for External Innovation in Drug & Device Conference – Join Heads of External R&D Innovation and Business Development in Boston!