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5th Unmanned and Autonomous Systems for Utilities, Power & Energy

Sharpening Strategies for Improved Inspection, Safety and Productivity through Advanced Training and Technology Applications

9-11 Mar 2021
Online and Fully Engaged, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

5th Unmanned and Autonomous Systems for Utilities, Power & Energy

The 5th Unmanned and Autonomous Systems for Utilities, Power & Energy event will harness the priorities of utility organizations to develop, advance and refine internal UAV/Drone Programs. The event will highlight inspection best practices, regulatory updates to Part 107 and BVLOS waivers, data management and security advancements and more!

This premier marcus evans conference will permit attendees the opportunity to leverage insight from industry peers and regulatory bodies on program management and expansion. Sessions will focus on safety, reliability and production while progressing toward AI, automation and more future enhancement.

Key Topics

  • Master program development and management through sustainable methods and increased training strategies
  • Implement best practices for security to protect critical infrastructure at power facilities
  • Cultivate an understanding of fully autonomous drone programs to improve productivity and safety
  • Provide an overview of the FAA’s latest initiatives and projected areas of focus
  • Evolve UAV programs in conjunction with updated BVLOS techniques and waiver process

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Eric Bitzko
    System Maintenance Supervisor
    Pedernales Electric Cooperative

    Patrick J. Meade
    UAS Operations & Training
    Consumers Energy

    Mike Kelly
    Sr. UAS Coordinator

    Charles P. Devaney
    Chief Pilot
    Salt River Project

    Lance E. Christensen
    Atmospheric Scientist

    Pamela Sykes
    GIS/GPS Analyst
    Consolidated Utility District

    Robert Giguere
    Manager, Contract Services
    Eversource Energy

    Elizabeth Hall
    Lead Engineer-Drone Engineering
    Eversource Energy

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    • “Gave me an opportunity to benchmark others in the industry during the pandemic where business travel has been suspended. Taking back a lot of great information to my company. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the virtual conference.” -Exelon
    • “Marcus Evans conference allows me the opportunity to use best practices for better planning. I always learn something from the conferences. The hosts are always prepared and organized.” -Vistra Energy
    • “This conference is an excellent avenue to network, learn and share ideas to improve the company. I look forward to attending again.” -Tennessee Valley Authority
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    For all enquiries regarding speaking, sponsoring and attending this conference contact:

    Jeremy Wise

    455 N Cityfront Plaza 9th Floor Chicago, IL 60611

    +1 312.540.3000 x6523