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Virtual-15th Annual Liquidity Risk Management

Redirecting and Advancing Liquidity Frameworks and Stress Tests during COVID-19 to Detect Market Risk, Predict Impact, and Amplify Resilience

9-11 Jun 2020
Virtual, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Virtual-15th Annual Liquidity Risk Management

The 15th Annual Liquidity Risk Management Conference will address best practices and lessons learned through optimized efforts to maturing internal collaboration, liquidity risk and oversight frameworks and strategies for meeting new regulatory requirements. This marcus evans event will permit attendees with the opportunity to participate in case studies and interactive discussions surrounding: building more adequate intraday infrastructures, new and modified regulatory requirements, enhanced monitoring and technological developments, scrutinized cash flow prediction mechanisms and more.

Not able to travel, or unsure of your schedule? We have you covered with Marcus Evans Live+. Our new online content platform enables you to live stream into all presentations; be part of the event by participating in event polling and Q&A with speakers, all from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device. With all presentations also available on-demand. For more information, contact Melini Hadjitheori at

Key Topics

  • Refine and evaluate current liquidity stress test (LST) to ensure stability
  • Analyze impact of liquidity risk on business operations and revenue
  • Strengthen the monitoring of intraday liquidity to enhance current protocol and strategies
  • Assess current and future market risks to prepare for potential shocks and economical complications
  • Review the increasing reliance on internal audit within liquidity risk to enhance compliance and collaboration

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    Practical Insights From

    Daniel Weigert
    Head of Market and Liquidity Risk
    Israel Discount Bank of New York

    Joel Feazell
    Head of Intraday Liquidity
    Wells Fargo

    Judah Kaplan
    Director, Independent Liquidity Risk

    Tom Ruseski
    VP, Treasury Oversight Risk Manager
    Citizens Bank

    Christian Pichlmeier
    Head of Liquidity Risk Americas
    Deutsche Bank

    Seli Kaya, CFA
    Audit Director, Finance and Capital Markets
    Citizens Bank

    Clarice Carotti
    Head of Market, Liquidity and Operational Risk Management
    Intesa Sanpaolo

    Yuriy Tsarevskiy
    Director, North America Head of Investments and Balance Sheet
    Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “Great audience interaction made for a very insightful conference” -Credit Suisse
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