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Collaboration Skills Master Class: The Key Driver to Enhanced Business Performance

Improved thinking skills are the key driver to enhanced business performance

15-16 Oct 2019
NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Collaboration Skills Master Class: The Key Driver to Enhanced Business Performance

Collaboration is the key skill set that drives effective teams to improve business performance.  Collaboration can be much more than assembling as a team of different thinkers to do work. Done poorly, the results are half-baked ideas sort-of supported by some of the team’s members. Done well, the results are decisions better than anyone expected supported enthusiastically by all team members. Productive collaboration includes the presentation of different points of view and substantiation with data when possible. Effective tools help teams build and support great decisions. This seminar defines collaboration as the willingness and ability of both individuals and teams to build both great decisions AND great buy-in.

Key Topics

  • Why Collaborate?
  • Productive Collaboration Fundamental Strategy
  • Collaboration Speedbumps & Roadblocks
  • Building a Collaborative Culture: One Big Step
  • Implementing and Executing
  • Previous Attendees Include

    Continental Automotive
    Cisco Systems
    Best Buy Company
    Four Seasons Hotels Inc.
    Dow Corning Corporation
    Humana Inc.
    Kohl's Corporation
    US Postal Service
    Agrium Inc.
    BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc.
    Domtar Inc.
    Henkels & McCoy Inc.
    Safeway Incorporated

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    marcus evans specialises in the research and development of strategic events for senior business executives. From our international network of 63 offices, marcus evans produces over 1000 event days a year on strategic issues in corporate finance, telecommunications, technology, health, transportation, capital markets, human resources and business improvement.

    Above all, marcus evans provides clients with business information and knowledge which enables them to sustain a valuable competitive advantage and makes a positive contribution to their success.

    Practical Insights From

    John Canfield
    Consultant and experienced business executive
    John Canfield is an experienced business executive and coach who has successfully implemented planning, improvement, and innovation processes in a wide variety of teams, organizations, industries, and cultures. He has 30 years of experience speaking to a wide variety of audiences, from large conventions to executive board rooms. John has spoken to more than one thousand audiences around the world. The core of John’s work is around Leadership Development, and specifically Collaboration Skills. The big difference in John’s work is helping company leaders learn how to work with conflict constructively. He teaches audiences to think of conflict as a manageable and a surprisingly desirable advantage. Without collaboration, someone often “wins,” while others “lose.”With productive collaboration, the best ideas win.

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