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Contract Preparation for Non-Lawyers

Resolving Disputes and Negotiating Contracts

4-5 Jun 2019
NBC Tower | Chicago, IL, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Contract Preparation for Non-Lawyers

Sales professionals, buyers, program managers, and executives must understand the tangible and intangible factors that drive the business deal into the written contract. The contract is the legal document that captures the vision of the buyer and the commitments of the seller. Good contracts capture and enforce the needs of both parties throughout performance. Clear, consistent, successful contracts are well written and well prepared. Both parties contribute to a clear vision, measured expectations, and a long-term approach to the relationship and contract documentation. The outcome is a systematic approach that minimizes conflict and magnifies consensus so that both parties to the contract can be successful.

Key Topics

  • Gaining Support and Resolving Issues
  • Solicitations & Offers
  • Forming a Solid Agreement
  • Closing the Deal
  • Creating the Contract Document
  • Previous Attendees Include

    American Transmission Company
    PNM Resources

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    marcus evans specialises in the research and development of strategic events for senior business executives. From our international network of 63 offices, marcus evans produces over 1000 event days a year on strategic issues in corporate finance, telecommunications, technology, health, transportation, capital markets, human resources and business improvement.

    Above all, marcus evans provides clients with business information and knowledge which enables them to sustain a valuable competitive advantage and makes a positive contribution to their success.

    Practical Insights From

    Ronald L. Smith
    Ronald Smith Contracts, Inc., is a procurement and contracting consultant specializing in negotiations and contract resolution. Hes a veteran of hundreds of successful negotiations as both buyer and seller. In his role as a purchaser, Ron negotiated contracts for aircraft parts & systems, engineering services, IT products & services, and construction. As a seller he negotiated major defense contracts for satellites & military aircraft, multi-million dollar contracts for IT services & products, and individual contracts for sale or products and services to companies, municipalities, and state governments. More than a hundred of these transactions were face-to-face negotiations, while hundreds more were directed through his leadership of negotiating teams at Northrop Grumman, Hewlett Packard, PC Connection, and Airbus. His training experience is a combined 30 years as a trainer, instructor and author.

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