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Human Performance Improvement

The $37 Billion Problem – Managing Human Error in the Workplace

25-26 Apr 2019
NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Human Performance Improvement

This interactive workshop, you will receive practical methods for managing errors in addition to dozens of real world examples and success stories from industries like: aviation, health care, emergency fire & rescue services, and the military.  We will look at how to build innovative, low-cost error management projects tailored to the unique needs and culture of your organization. Then discuss how to embed these new methods into their everyday work.  The goal of this training is to help you build proven error management methods directly into your existing safety, operations, & risk management programs.


The principles & skills from this workshop benefit leaders of both high-risk field teams and traditional desk workers in: Power Utilities, Risk Management, Health Care, High-Tech Physics Labs, Emergency & Disaster Management, the Military, and other industries.

Key Topics

  • The Pronovost success story — 1,500 lives saved in 18 months. The business case for Human Performance Improvement (HPI). Evidence of real world solutions.
  • What to do before the project. Pre-Job Briefings. The five best questions to help you predict and avoid errors. Irreversible Steps vs Critical Steps. Latent Errors vs Active Errors.
  • What to do during the project. The toughest classic defence — Situational Awareness -- and a simple way to apply it. How to prevent improv-based, procedure-based and habit-based errors. Interactive Case study — The motor operated air break (MOAB) switching error
  • What to do after the project. The four After-Action Review questions that have helped US military units excel for 30+ years. The fatal flaw with classic defences. Problem with Strategy #1. Interactive Case study — The unexplained B-17 crashes in WWII, and the insight that changed incident management forever.
  • Interactive Case study -- The mystery of the unintended acceleration in Jeeps / Audis. Person View vs. System View. Hierarchy of Hazard Controls & Defensive Design with real world examples. Core problem with Strategy #2.

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    Practical Insights From

    Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D.
    JMA - Owner & Principal
    Before launching his own company, Dr. Mazulewicz served as the HPI Lead of a 3,500+ person business unit of Dominion Virginia power - a Fortune 500 utility. There, he partnered with technical experts in Distribution, Transmission, Substation, Switching, System Protection, & Generation. He researched, taught, and advised leaders in these groups how to combat human errors by applying classic HPI defenses including: Situational Awareness, Checklists, and 3-Way Communication. He also taught advanced organizational strategies including: Crew Resource Management, Just Culture, and traits of High-Reliability Organizations.

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