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Enterprise Risk Management for the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry

Adding Value to the Company and Gaining Valuable Insights for Executives

16-17 Oct 2018
Chicago, IL, United States of America

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Enterprise Risk Management for the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry

The operating environment for the insurance industry is changing faster than ever before. Advances in technology, changing customer expectations, increased regulations, and intense scrutiny from stakeholders impact every insurer. Enterprise risk management (ERM) is one of the best ways to understand these elements and address them before it is too late. ERM provides tools and valuable information to management for decision-making. Participants will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to design and implement a successful ERM program.

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Expert trainer

Carol Williams is an enterprise risk management (ERM) professional with over 8 years of practical ERM experience. Her experience in the insurance industry runs much deeper than ERM though. From 2002 to 2007, Carol worked the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation evaluating risks to insurance companies and the public, whether through company licensing, financial oversight, or working with insurers in the wake of the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes. In late 2007, she moved from the regulatory side to industry to work as a data analyst with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, one of Floridaís largest property insurers.

Not long after earning her M.S. degree in Risk Management Insurance from Florida State University in 2009, Carol began transitioning from her data analyst role at Citizens into developing an ERM program from the ground-up.

Carolís unique combination of both regulatory and industry experience equips her to provide valuable risk insights to management. Years of hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of ERM principles helps her take elusive ideas and transform them into useful tools for risk-informed decision making.†††

Carol is the founder of ERM Insights by Carol, a boutique consulting firm launched in 2016 to provide risk professionals with the knowledge and tools they need make ERM a success for the long haul.


Key Topics

  • Tailor-made ERM Process and ORSA
  • Successful ERM and Risk Culture
  • Create a Solid Governance Structure
  • Identifying Stakeholders and Valuable Integrations
  • Understand Hard to Measure Risks

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    Practical Insights From

    Carol Williams
    Founder | ERM Insights by Carol

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