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20th Edition Outage Management for Power Plants

Engineering Planning and Maintenance Strategies for Superior Plant and Personnel Performance to Achieve Optimal Output and Productivity

4-5 Aug 2021
Online and Fully Engaged | US Central Time Zone, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

20th Edition Outage Management for Power Plants

As a result of the pandemic many organizations have postponed or delayed outages and changed how they manage personnel and assets which has created havoc for schedules, plans and executiion. Attending this premier marcus evans conference will provide attendees the tools, technologies, and recent lessons learned on how to manage outages in the midst and post pandemic.


Key Topics

  • Harness Lessons Learned to Risk Analysis and Resource Management Stemming from the Pandemic
  • Extend Planning Cycles with Lessons Learned from All Types of Plants within a Fleet
  • Master the Art of Managing Multiple Outages in a Resource Contract and Unpredictable Environment
  • Discover Lessons Learned on How to Manage and Overcome Workforce Management and Personnel Challenges
  • Generate Maintenance, Planning, and Capital Project Strategies to Circumvent Premature Plant Retirement

  • Why Choose marcus evans?

    marcus evans specialises in the research and development of strategic events for senior business executives. From our international network of 63 offices, marcus evans produces over 1000 event days a year on strategic issues in corporate finance, telecommunications, technology, health, transportation, capital markets, human resources and business improvement.

    Above all, marcus evans provides clients with business information and knowledge which enables them to sustain a valuable competitive advantage and makes a positive contribution to their success.

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