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8th Human Factors and User Experience for Medical Device Design

Expanding User Satisfaction through Improved Testing to Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Safety

19-20 May 2021
Online & Fully Engaged , United States of America

Conference Workshop

Identifying Best Practices for Incorporating Human Factors throughout Each Phase of the Device Lifecycle with California State University at Fullerton

Why You Should Attend

8th Human Factors and User Experience for Medical Device Design

As regulatory demands are growing increasingly stringent, manufacturers continue to look for ways to efficiently propel products through design and development while still achieving compliance. Minimizing use related risk is paramount to product viability, quality and success, therefore a key focus has been on usability testing frameworks to proactively identify risks at the front end.

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Key Topics

  • Identify measures to better transition to remote usability testing
  • Fortify validation testing to ensure usability
  • Mitigating use-related risk to enhance device safety
  • Consider aesthetic aspects with human factors to improve device use

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    Practical Insights From

    Joseph Purpura
    Associate Vice President, Medical Device Safety

    Vera Shuman
    Prod Dev Specialist -HF

    Tressa Daniels
    Global Director Human Factors Engineering
    Teleflex Incorporated

    Ed Israelski
    Director, Human Factors

    Alicia Douglas
    Associate Principal Scientist

    Margaret Anne De Jesus
    User Experience Researcher
    Varian Medical Systems

    Jose Justiniano
    Director WW Design Control Systems, Risk Management & Human Factors
    Johnson & Johnson Vision

    Joely Gardner, PhD
    Human Factors Research
    California State University at Fullerton

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