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20th Anniversary Outage Response and Restoration Management

Exercising & Executing Plans and Practices to Safely and Efficiently Restore Services

27-29 Oct 2020
An Online and Fully Engaged Event | U.S. Central Time Zone, United States of America

Conference Workshop

Highlight Methods to Establish Base Camps and Collaborate with Vendors to Assist with Set-up in an Efficient Layout to Accelerate Restoration and Manage Cost

This workshop is a guide to proactively planning to quickly access and utilize available resources to minimize the amount of time preparing to focus on swiftly restoring.

Workshop Moderator: Angie Gibson, , FAcEM, MEP, Manager, Electric Emergency Management

Company: Pacific Gas & Electric

Conference Workshop

Preparing for No-Notice Events to Meet the Level of Escalation and Response Required

This workshop will cover strategies to prepare for, respond to and recover from these environmental crises.

Workshop Moderator: Patricia Nilsen, Director, Emergency Response


Why You Should Attend

20th Anniversary Outage Response and Restoration Management

For the 20th edition of the Outage Response and Restoration Conference attendees will walk away with actionable strategies on how to improve their pre-incident planning with strategies and grid hardening, review recent restoration lessons learned from the latest incidents of all kinds and thoroughly explore strategies for communicating with all stakeholders before, after and during an outage.

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Key Topics

  • Protect Workers, Contractors and the Public During Pandemics and Other Health Emergencies with National Grid and Holland Power Services
  • Provide exceptional customer service and stakeholder communication efforts before during and after extreme weather events with Southern California Edison, National Grid, and Avangrid
  • Utilize LIDAR for vegetation and asset management as well as outage response and restoration management with PSE&G
  • Leverage Technology to Optimize Assets, Inventory, and Logistics to Improve and Evaluate Outage Prevention Investments for enhanced SAIDI, SAIFI, and similar metrics with Lakeland Electric and Alabama Power
  • Study recent incidents and extreme weather events across the grid to optimize restoration and response decision making with PG&E, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Patricia Nilsen
    Director, Emergency Response

    Glen Aichinger
    Director – Electric Emergency Planning
    National Grid

    Mark Fangiullo
    Manager, Emergency Preparedness
    Eversource Energy

    Korey Bush
    Chief Electric System Operator
    Lakeland Electric

    Dr. Meng Yue
    Interdisciplinary Science Department
    Brookhaven National Laboratory

    Angie Gibson, FAcEM, MEP
    Manager, Electric Emergency Management
    Pacific Gas & Electric

    Shane Powell
    Distribution Manager
    Alabama Power

    Tomaso Gianelli
    Senior Manager, Outage Management Communications
    Southern California Edison

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “A very well planned well executed conference, providing an excellent networking opportunity and opportunity for sharing best practices” -PSEG Long Island
    • “Great opportunity to learn best practices and solutions to challenges facing the utility industry” -Duke Energy
    • “Knowledeable experiences presenters sharing how they are managing common current challenges in power industry” -Toronto Hydro
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    Melini Hadjitheori

    Demostheni Severi avenue
    Nicosia, Cyprus

    +1 312 540 6347
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