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Clinical Operations Excellence Conference

Enhancing Global Clinical Operations to Improve Trial Outcomes

29-30 Nov 2017
Philadelphia, PA, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Clinical Operations Excellence Conference

This marcus evans conference will focus on key strategies that leaders in Clinical Trials, Clinical Operations, and Clinical Research are implementing to streamline clinical operations to better achieve trial outcomes and deliver important drugs that meet patient needs. Participants in this conference will debate innovative tactics to streamline trial design, incorporate new technology and mitigate trial risk to enhance cost savings measures and deliver on trial performance objectives.

As many drug companies look to identify, develop and deliver better quality products to better meet patient needs, they are focused on streamlining clinical operations initiatives as moving a product through development stages and into market ultimately delivers ROI for costly R&D activity. However, when a trial fails to meet respective milestones, this can cause significant delays in the development and delivery process and ultimately impede the drug commercialization. As such, companies must look to streamline clinical operations to efficiently and effectively achieve trial outcomes.



Key Topics

  • Enhancing Global Clinical Operations to Improve Trial Outcomes
  • Integrate project planning to minimize protocol amendments
  • Overcome the challenges of patient recruitment to reduce costs of drug development and hasten the introduction of new medical interventions
  • Evolve vendor oversight to ensure accountability for deliverables and maintain greater planning and governance structures
  • Automate clinical trial data integration to improve safety monitoring, reduce costs, and speed drug development

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Abi Velurethu
    Head, Systems Integration & Solutions, Digital Health Technology

    Dominique Duchesne
    Director, Clinical Operations
    Bristol-Myers Squibb

    Rob DiCicco
    VP, Clinical Innovation & Digital Platforms

    Alana Wriggins
    Exec. Dir, Head Global Site Management Operations, North America

    Kelly Johnston McKee
    Advisor, Clinical Innovation
    Eli Lilly and Company

    Melissa Suprin
    Head, Clinical Quality Risk Management

    Michael Rosenblatt
    Global Head, Clinical Operations Systems & Process Excellence
    Genetech, Inc

    Brian Maurer
    Senior Director, Clinical Operations
    Verona Pharma

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