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Evergreening a Patent Portfolio for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Inventions

Patent Protection and Extending Profitability

10-11 Oct 2017
NBC Tower l Chicago, IL, United States of America

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Evergreening a Patent Portfolio for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Inventions

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies find themselves in a constant race for profitability and control over intellectual property with their portfolio of drugs and compounds. IP and patent teams need to be in constant contact with the research and development department to ensure proper legal status of new, current, and continuing patents.


Key Topics

  • Overall strategies and benefits of evergreening a pharmaceutical patent portfolio
  • Maintaining your valuable trade secrets while simultaneously evergreening your patent portfolio
  • Building strong evergreening patent portfolios for biologics and biosimilars
  • Specific Evergreening Strategies: IP Protection for Multiple Clinical Utilities and other uses from a Commercialization Standpoint
  • Specific Evergreening Strategies: Effective use of Post-Filing Evidence of Non-Obviousness

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    Aurelia Mitchell Durant
    Founder l AMD Law
    Aurelia Mitchell Durant, Philadelphia native and graduate of Temple University and Rutgers University School of Law is a leading legal adviser and commentator, specializing in international business law, corporate law, internet law and intellectual property law. She has been speaking and practicing for over 20 years, teaching and educating her clients while keeping them up to date with constant legal changes that could affect sustainability of their business or charitable pursuits.

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