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Workplace Bullying

How to develop a positive workplace culture and increase productivity by addressing negative behavior

13-14 Feb 2018
Chicago, IL, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Workplace Bullying

This workshop provides the interpersonal skills needed to develop a positive workplace culture, and addresses negative behaviors from different angles. Assertiveness skills are integrated into the course for those who might feel targeted, or have team members who are targeted by aggressive co-workers. Positive communication skills are demonstrated for those who may be too aggressive, or have aggressive team members. The behavior of bystanders is addressed by creating awareness about the importance of standing up for each other to create positive and productive workplace. Attendees will agree on a set of ground-rules that can be used in their own workplace.


Key Topics

  • Define Workplace Bullying
  • Bullying as a Social Phenomenon
  • Workplace Communication
  • Accountability
  • Best Practices
  • Previous Attendees Include

    VP of HR
    Director of HR
    VP of Talent Development
    VP of Talent Workforce
    Diversity Officers
    Director of Employee Engagement
    Director of Employee Communications

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    Practical Insights From

    Devin C. Hughes
    Managing Partner
    Diversity Advantage, LLC. The firm helps clients from small colleges and universities to Fortune 100 companies achieve better management outcomes. Also known as a Chief Inspiration Officer, Devin is a highly sought after speaker, author, storyteller and diversity coach who speaks and consults to leaders, groups, organizations, and teams who have a desire to break down enterprise-wide cultural barriers, improve personal/organizational performance and enhance communication through greater self awareness and understanding of one another. His approach for the last 20 years draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset and mindfulness. As a result, clients receive the cutting edge in research on well-being and flourishing.

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