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Corporate Communications and Brand Management in Fast-Changing Times

Building Reputation, Mitigating Risks, and Guarding Brands

25-26 Jan 2018
NBC Tower l Chicago, IL, United States of America

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Corporate Communications and Brand Management in Fast-Changing Times


 In this convulsive “post-truth” environment the sources of reputational threat to brands have never been greater: false news, rumors, shareholder activism, NGO agitation and rapid-fire social media wars can undermine years of hard work – and billions in value – in a matter of hours.

Communicators and marketers are grappling with an unprecedented level of change and risk. Enterprises must also now wrestle with massive demographic and generational shifts, the rise of political risk, economic tensions, and regulatory uncertainty and diminished public trust, all of which create new threats to brands.

In this new environment, executives face two giant challenges:

·         Guardianship. Communications and marketing leaders must be at the vanguard of ensuring their organizations are aware, resilient and able to sensibly, pragmatically and productively assess, respond and protect on behalf of their brands.

·         Advocacy. These leaders must in turn proactively design communications-led marketing and branding strategies that grow brands while navigating the new minefields.


Key Topics

  • Understanding the New “Post-Truth” Environment: Dealing with Massive Unexpected Business and Societal Changes
  • Building the Plan: Setting Goals and Managing Expectations in a Changed World
  • External Monitoring, Engagement, and Analysis in the New Environment
  • Navigation, Imagination, Reputation: Three Strategies for Success in Today’s Multidimensional Media Environment
  • Recap and Your Next Steps: Building the Framework within the Enterprise – Best Practices

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    Practical Insights From

    James Savage
    SVP General Manager | Pierpont Communications
    He leads a growing team dedicated to the communications needs of local, regional and global clients. He joined Pierpont after successfully leading the corporate practice of Edelman, where he contributed to the brand and reputation success of national and global clients such as Symantec, British Telecom, BNY Mellon, Forest Park Medical Center, Entrust, International Association of Events and Exhibitions and the Wi-Fi Alliance. Throughout his career, James has filled various senior leadership roles at Western Financial Group Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Philips Electronics. James founded RainCoast Group, a Dallas-based global tech sector communications and marketing consultancy, and led groups with GTE Corporation (now Verizon), the Pacific Telecommunications Council, and the Canadian Federal Department of Communications (Industry Canada).

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