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International Trade Compliance Across Business Units

Strategies and Tactics for Success

12-13 Mar 2020
NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

International Trade Compliance Across Business Units

Trade compliance is all too often left up to in-house legal departments or outside counsel, or is siloed within a company as an isolated function or an after-thought whose main purpose is seen as keeping a company “out of trouble”. To the contrary, the function of trade compliance is as integral to a company’s success as the other traditional functional areas such as marketing, finance and operations. For a firm to truly be successful in its international operations, trade compliance must be an essential part of its international business strategy and its strategic planning and operations. By attending this course you will learn not only about the most important and critical aspects of trade compliance, but also how to integrate trade compliance into the strategic and operational dimensions of your company. You will also come away with a greater appreciation of the important role that trade compliance can play in your company’s overall success.


Key Topics

  • Effective Trade Compliance Management Programs
  • Corrective Actions for Trade Compliance Violations
  • Trade Compliance Effects on a Firm’s International Operations
  • Integrating Trade Compliance into a Firm’s International Business Strategy
  • Selling the Executive-Suite on the Integration of Trade Compliance into a Firm’s Global Strategic Plan

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    Practical Insights From

    Daniel Ogden
    International Trade Attoney
    He is an attorney at law, a licensed customs broker, and an international trade consultant who for more than 25 years has counseled and represented U.S. and foreign companies on a multitude of international trade and business legal and regulatory issues. With his advanced degrees and proficiency in both law and international business management, Daniel possesses the ability and experience to understand the challenges faced by firms involved in international trade not only from a legal but also a managerial and business perspective.

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