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Process Safety Management for Food & Beverage Industry

Bringing Transparency to the Provisions of PSM to Optimize Workflow and Mitigate Hazards

16-17 Jul 2014
Denver Marriott Tech Center - Denver, CO, United States of America

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Process Safety Management for Food & Beverage Industry

The marcus evans Process Safety Management Conference for the Food and Beverage Industries will provide elucidation on the ever-changing PSM standard that could fundamentally alter industry practices. This conference will bring together key industry professional to create an environment for benchmarking and knowledge sharing, because a strong and compliant safety program looks different for every company.

In the Food and Beverage Industries, small and large businesses alike face countless multifarious and problematic issues that directly affect progress and profitability. In the past few years there have been significant transformations in the industry and Process Safety Management is at the forefront of this progression. Workers in these industries are exposed to a wide-range of hazards on a daily basis and it is the companies’ responsibilities to safeguard their employee’s health. Companies spend billions every year on costs associated with occupational injuries and need to ensure their employees health and safety through comprehensive PSM programs to avoid costly citations from OSHA and EPA.

This premier conference will bring together SVPs, VPs, Directors and Managers from Food and Beverage manufactures, producers, suppliers and processes with responsibilities in Process Safety Management, Plant Management, HSE, Regulatory Compliance and other similar facets over the course of two and half days. Through hands-on workshops involving ammonia safety management, interactive roundtables discussing PSM requirements and 15+ other key sessions, delegates will walk away with an understanding of the fundamentals that form a solid PSM program.

Key Topics

  • Analyze the fundamental elements that make up a solid PSM program and determine how to implement those across the enterprise
  • Promote a process safety culture throughout the workforce to gain employee buy-in and mitigate incidents
  • Emphasize the importance of managing ammonia attentively
  • Integrate a thorough training system to ensure workforce competency and track performance
  • Exceed OSHA requirements proactive compliance efforts and lessons learned
  • Previous Attendees Include

    Abbott Nutrition, AK Pizza Crust, Bay Valley Foods, Feeding
    America, General Mills, Hostess Brands, Kellogg Company, Kerry
    Ingredients & Flavours, Meijer, National Flavours, Optimum
    Nutrition, Pepperidge Farm, PepsiCo, Superior Foods Companies,
    United National Foods, US Foods, Sugar Foods

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    Innovative Refrigeration Systems
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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Linda McDaniel
    Director, Process Safety Management
    JBS USA/Pilgrim's Pride

    Robert Steeb
    Corporate Safety Manager
    Sargento Foods, Inc.

    Michael Armstead
    Regional Director, Safety
    Bimbo Bakeries USA

    Eric M. Smitch, P.E, LEED A.P
    VP and Technical Director
    The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR)

    David Schaller, PhD, CPSA, CET, CIT, CUSA, CSHO
    Corporate Director, Safety and Health
    West Liberty Foods

    Jacqueline Kirkman
    Corporate Technical Safety Engineer

    Katie Didriksen
    Regional Safety Manager
    Anheuser-Busch InBev

    Michael Chapman
    Manager, Process Safety Management, Risk Management and Homeland Security Programs
    Tyson Foods, Inc.

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    • “Great networking opportunity with good group discussion and questions and answers.” – Marathon Petroleum
    • “Great conference, informative, well organized.” – Pasadena Refining
    • “The most productive and informative conference I've ever attended! Great Job!” – Shandiz Natural Foods
    • “Excellent and timely presentations covering pressing issues to food safety” – Annie's
    • “Great group and robust discussions!” – United Natural Foods Inc.
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