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Swaps and Derivatives 2013

Looking Back at the First Phase of Compliance under Recent Dodd-Frank Regulations to Improve Efficiency and Streamline Adherence to New Rules

28 Feb-1 Mar 2013
New York, NY - Millennium Broadway Hotel, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Swaps and Derivatives 2013

Before the Dodd-Frank Act was signed into law in 2010, firms have been worrying about and trying to anticipate its impact on every aspect of their business. Now, through an onerous and still ongoing rulemaking process, Dodd-Frank has become a reality for firms that trade in derivatives. The July 2012 definition of a swap set in motion a tsunami of regulations that will be in effect, or are still pending, by the date of this conference.

The marcus evans Swaps and Derivatives 2012 Conference aims to bring together regulators and top-level executives from the banking and energy industries, as well as any other industry that trades in swaps and is subject to CFTC regulation. Join leading Fortune 500 companies to discuss how the early phase of implementation went and what can be done to streamline efficiencies in compliance.

Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable you to:

·         Discover the effects new regulations have had on leading trading firms across the derivatives market

·         Evaluate emerging best practices from the early stages of swap reporting compliance

·         Assess how position limits have affected hedging  strategies in derivative portfolios

·         Gain critical insights from the CFTC regarding Dodd-Frank regulations

·         Create a system to effectively manage collateral in a centrally cleared process

·         Engage and  educate front and middle office non-compliance staff to create accountability and promote efficiency

·         Determine how the Volcker Rule and new Dodd-Frank regulations interact

·         Understand how organizations can work towards improving efficiency in centrally cleared trades

Industry leaders attending this event will benefit from a dynamic presentation format consisting of workshops, a panel discussion and case studies. Attendees will experience highly interactive conference sessions, 10-15 minutes of Q&A time after each presentation, 4+ hours of networking, and exclusive online access to materials post-event.

Hear what past Delegates have to say about marcus evans Finance events:

This was a great networking opportunity and to learn concepts of what other firms in the same industry have applied” – E-trade Financial

“This was one of the few conferences I have attended which focused on real world examples and best practices. A very high-Level of participation discussion and net working also makes this seminar extremely valuable.” – Erie Insurance

“The conference is a great way to learn how other companies are addressing the regulations and see best practices that can be applied in one's own organization.” – Liberty Mutual



Previous Attendees Include

marcus evans invites C-level Executives,
Managing Directors, EVPs, SVPs, VPs,
Directors, Heads, and other Senior Executives
involved in:
-Risk Management
-Back Office Operations

Why Choose marcus evans?

marcus evans specialises in the research and development of strategic events for senior business executives. From our international network of 63 offices, marcus evans produces over 1000 event days a year on strategic issues in corporate finance, telecommunications, technology, health, transportation, capital markets, human resources and business improvement.

Above all, marcus evans provides clients with business information and knowledge which enables them to sustain a valuable competitive advantage and makes a positive contribution to their success.

Event Partners

Practical Insights From

Andres Choussy
Global Head of FX Clearing and Intermediation
JP Morgan

Scott Linden
Managing Director, Product Manager
BNY Mellon

Catherine Napolitano
Director & Assistant General Counsel
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Neil Wright
Senior Vice President, Derivatives and Collateral Product Manager
State Street Global Services

Diana Shapiro
Vice President, Citi Futures & OTC Clearing, North American Head of Product Development, OTC Clearing

Carolynn Pereyra
Vice President, Legal Department
Deutsche Bank Energy Trading

Caroline Mantero-Belard
Director, Commodity Operations
RBC Capital Markets

Brian Goldstein
North American Upstream Compliance Manager
Direct Energy

Matthew Picardi
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Andrew Auten
Vice President, Derivatives Middle Office

Matthew Ahart
Senior Vice President, Business Unit Risk Manager
Union Bank

Christopher J. Bernard
Head - Trading & Regulatory Compliance
Edison Mission Energy

Jeff Lam
Chief Compliance Officer

John McPartland
Senior Policy Advisor
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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